Massage Therapy is manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, consisting primarily of manual techniques. It aims to prevent and treat physical dysfunction, injury, pain and disorders of soft tissues. It also involves the assessment of soft tissues and joints of the body. 

Techniques used include:

Swedish Massage: rhythmic motions of varying depth aimed at either relaxation or stimulation of an area. Useful in promoting relaxation, injury recovering, and reducing edema.

Myofascial Release: techniques aimed at treating ‘fascia’ – the connective tissue intertwined with muscles. These techniques aim to release adhesion’s that can form and cause dysfunction. Involves gentle sustained pressure directed at the myofascial restriction. 

Sports Massage: a more stimulating and active massage geared towards injury recovery, performance, and both pre and post competition preparations. 

Pregnancy Massage: Uses a special bolster allowing one to lay face-down and take pressure off the low back and hips. Treatment can be for relaxation, reducing muscle tension, promoting circulation or any other specific concerns one might have.

Joint Mobilization: these techniques take joint up to the limit of its available motion in an effort to reduce adhesion in a joint. They range from non-specific moves such as ‘rocking’ to more specific moves like ‘ joint play’, aiming to increase a joints range of motion 

30 Minute Massage – $70

Great for stress release during a work break

45 Minute Massage – $90

Recommended for treatments of a specific area

60 Minute Massage – $110

Great for all general treatment needs

75 Minute Massage – $135

Recommended for first-time patients

90 Minute Massage – $150

Great for multi-areas of concern